911 Tech Corruption

Scott Stringer is not qualified to be NYC gov comptroller but thanks to back room deals and fixing and favors he got the job. He removed John Liu's Press Release from May 31, 2012 asking for a criminal investigation in to 911. Cy Vance said there is no need for one. Truth is yes there is and we need yet another new audit of 911 and for years before the first audits we needed a criminal investigation in to 911 and we still do. We also need an audit and investigation in to 311 spending and Board of Election, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, FDNY Wireless, etc.

Monday, January 17, 2011

True Grit Suzannah B. Troy give's Coen Brother re-make thumbs up

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Corruption NYC, New Yorkers can't keep up and corrupt #$%(&* want it that way -- George Gonzalez Board of Elections? Hello?

I am posting this on my NYC Corrupt blogs as well.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords critical, 6 dead including a 9 year old girl, 10 injured. Could this happen in NYC...the odds are low

Since my early posting I am shocked and saddened to find out a 9 year old child has died along with 
6 murdered 10 injured as reported by Auto Straddle dot com which also has the FaceBook post of his intention to do this.

My heart goes out to all especially the little girl's parents and loved ones.....heart breaking!!!!!

I watched a CNN piece and the man talked as if Giffords was dead and she is as far as I know alive and in critical condition.

The MSNBC has reference to YouTube -- rambling videos and a goodbye on myspace but the account has now been removed.

I was given a link to Facebook and it was odd because I thought I saw an image from George Orwell's Animal Farm and that this person was a child service worker but I have no idea if this was actually they guy because he served in the military so it may not be him.  Actually looking at Auto Straddle I now believe I got a look at his Facebook page before it was taken down.

Could this happen here in NYC?  The percentages are lower than elsewhere despite the fact we have more than 8 million people and way too much ammo of all kinds including guns, explosives, etc.

If the NYPD had a special tech toy that could fly around with special sensors and pick up all the illegal stuff hidden away it would prove actually have low the violence and murders probably are is my guess especially considering how many angry cranky people in the 8 plus million range occupy NYC.  (Anyone remember the explosives hidden on East 2nd Street in the little cemetery?)

We just yell, scream in your face, use YouTube etc. so you don't find New Yorkers doing this kind of crazy stuff...

That being said I think Mike's NYPD guys should be on their toes because people are really pissed off but speaking as one of Mike's most vocal critics he is so physically non-threatening I can't imagine anyone doing him harm and after he gets done being mayor he has a lot of damage he needs to start working to attempt to undo.   I do know Arizona people do not like him and visit my Mayor Bloomberg King of New York blog.

The shooting of all these innocent people today is such a tragedy.

There was a shooting at City Hall that was a murder -- but it was one specific target...2003

Friday, January 7, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just a reminder: the accidental gov. of NY, Dave Paterson covered for his friend who physically and verbally intimidated a woman + Albany City Halls way too many self serving people benefiting from their gov jobs but what about the people of NY?

Check out photo of Sheldon Silver turning away as Gov. Cuomo speaks.

Why can't Silver tell us what he earns outside gov. job?  Sickening how almost all the people that supposed leaders working for the people hugely benefit for their jobs working for NY State and NY and their relatives, friends, etc.  from Albany to City Hall.

I am not doing all the postings you can go to True News http://truenewsfromchangenyc.blogspot.com/ 

Pedro Espada Mr. Corruption a thug


Contractor Settle with City Over 5 Million $ Overcharges - How about the DEATH of 2 Heroic Firemen? + NYDN Mike Where were YOU during the Blizzard 2010?

Also note that if you or I steal money -- go in to a store and steal we get handcuffed and go to jail.

White collar crime must be treated this way.    In this case also how about murder --- it wasn't murder but it sure feels that way and many in NYC many feel the deaths of Firemen Bobby Beddia (am amazing guy I had the honor of knowing) and Joseph Graffagnino have not been dealt justly by City Of New York.

Just like this, a wrist slap.   This makes me also think of CityTime and how SAIC and Spherion got green lights for massive budget overrides and also Mike Bloomberg's money manager Steve Rattner and others like him paid to play re: NY  Pension Funds as well as Paid to Not Go to Jail and paid to not plead guilty.

Something is so wrong with NYC - this morning NYC feels like a corrupt rotten Apple to me.

Of course not Mike Bloomberg's head or Christine Quinn and they should have been gone already for pushing through a 3rd term using slush and intimidation and the great lie they were helping us with the economy when it was about helping their friends.

Finally the press goes off script and does the right thing! The NYDN wants to know where were you Mike Bloomberg during the blizzard?
This is my video response: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTw3x2bSX90  I tried to add some humor re: why he would not want to share where he actually was and I really would not care except legally someone has to be in charge of NYC and I want to know who was!  FYI: CityTime stay tuned for massive white collar crime unfolding in front of you 2011 but a humorous note as covered by the NYDN. Remember the article about NYPD Det. objecting to carrying a card part of CityTime I believe that is like LoJack? Mike aren't we all created equal? Why can't we LoJack you? Where were you? Who was in charge of NYC? Do we need a Federal Investigation People died!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Main CityTime contractor, Science Applications International Corp.'s records subpoenaed by Feds + Sal Salamone NYC gov retiree lobbyist -- uh oh!

1) Is Spherion a subsidiary of SAIC? 2) a good soul posted CNN iReport on NYDN from Feb 2009 that also fingers SAIC consultant nick name jellybean stealing as well. I am waiting for am investigation of SAIC consultants but truly all consultants. Full forensic audit needed. Much more to this story. I did youtubes on this AutoTime, Maximus, CityTime. When Rudy brings in Maximus than CityTime major stench and corruption on a white collar level and why?

p.s. Folks:  The CNN iReport is about to break 1,000 views.   Check the date of this iReport by Whistle Blower.

I have an answer to the question "why?" and I have answered it over and over on this blog.  Watch my YouTube series which starts on SAIC in May 2010.

Sal Salamone  here are 2 postings and the one immediate below questions why he did not blow the whistle... well gee whiz, it is hard not to figure out why....

there are probably more postings on this blog and mayor bloomberg but I have a funny feeling I spelled his name wrong so it doesn't show up on search.... 

Feds Investigating Sanitation Dept. Blizzard Coney Island major scandal

Found these links because I read this article above and went to YouTubeland and searched....

The above link will take you to Dunkin Donuts and when the YouTube starts he refers you to these two tubes as well.

Don't forget my YouTube channel with my newest YouTube about the scandalous 911 FDNY, NYPD, EMS emergency tech system that could become CityTime Part 2 and my tube is jammed with scandal and corruption besides Bloomberg's Blizzard!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0ZHRGJYnuU

Reminder Mike Bloomberg and deputy mayor Goldsmith praised the sanitation dept.

Viral YouTube Sanitation Dumb hits Ford Explorer (during Bloomberg's Blizzard)  has over 3 million hits.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Catfish an unforgettable documentary I rented on ITunes by Suzannah B. Troy

I know I am emotionally exhausted....if I was a car, my gas tank is below E.

I rented Catfish on ITunes without knowing anything and it is important that I not tell you anything about this film in case you rent it.

The film made me cry. It most likely will not make you cry but for me...without telling you how this film twists and turns -- there is a possible place one hopefully can get of forgiveness and compassion, a place I don't get to as often as I would like but this film may take you to that place.

In this film we see an unusual journey via art, technology, computers, Facebook and texting told by two young NY film makers focusing on one of their siblings , a cute brother named Nev.

The film is so unusual I had to pause and Google it on my Iphone....Nev has an IPhone he uses in the film...the phone is like his paintbrush....or the Iphone for me has become paint brush, investigator and protector for those following my work on YouTube and this blog....

I stopped the film and Googled to find out if this was really a documentary. The film makers could make a fictional film for main stream Hollywood with a very different ending and catch our Facebook, computer junkie world with a global audience consuming "tech junk food" whether it be unusual relationships on the internet or celebrity news, the latest YouTube that has gone viral that resembles JackAss the movie with little to no content or value. This film finds some value and in such an surprising way so hang in there.

Technology and social networking sites like Facebook have dramatically changed how we relate to the world and even ourselves. Art and painting as well as technology play a huge role in this film and how people can weave all kinds of fantasy, expectations, and lies including to themselves and others.... (Note: I can tell you there are NYPD officers, lawyers, activists and people following my blog and YouTube channel that are familiar with some of these issues and it is not from the film Catfish.)

Did you know the human eye has a blind spot and the brain is always filling in the blind spot?

So does the human heart.....

I wish I could tell you more but I don't want to ruin what makes this film so dynamic... and a must see.

You have to be in the right mood. This is a quiet very dynamic film and you will only understand at the very end how this tech-era film got the title "Catfish".

Wayne Barrett and Tom Robbins NO Longer work at Village Voice


Barrett fired and Robbins quits in protest....

bye old New York -- welcome to Mike Bloomberg's new hideous NY, mannequins and chain stores....

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The NY Post, David Seifman finally asks what I asked from this blog and YouTubeland -- Where was Mike during Bloomberg's Blizzard 2010? by Suzannah B. Troy

East Village  Sunday today... Plow Dance

The NY Post has some Sanititation workers drinking not plowing....
FYI -- I do believe some corrupt dealings will be exposed and Bloomberg's Blizzard is a disaster but reminder -- there were good hard working sanitation dept. workers out there.

Finally someone other than me writes about where was Bloomberg during the Blizzard.

I jokingly asked if he was in Bermuda.  He could have been for his non-presence and lack of caring.

Just a reminder to learn more about the other massive scandals that most New Yorkers don't seem to know or care about.

p.s.  Amazing how Mike gets Time Square cleaned and snow free to party on  while we have New Yorkers from babies to seniors dying in Bloomberg's Blizzard in which the mayor and his deputy Goldsmith are praising the sanitation dept.  and streets were still not cleaned and subways lines not running for days....truly scary.  Drug test Mike Bloomberg...denial is the new crack cocaine.

p.p.s   http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/schedules_reveal_tale_of_two_mayors_Nw8vDaeFmh9cUkWISXdMiP In case I get banned from commenting on The NY Post's website yet again....
Bloomberg was in Bermuda!  I am joking but for his lack of presence he might have in Bermuda!  If only the people of New York were as angry with Mike Bloomberg about so many other corrupt mis-deeds besides Bloomberg's Blizzard of 2010.  How many people died in the reckless tsunami of community crushing development and on old NY's infrastructure? David, your paper asked for 62 emails Mike Bloomberg sent to Haggerty.  Why isn't Cy Vance asking? Mike refused to turn them over to you. Are his emails like Rattner's Cayman Island dealings for Mike's charity - subpoena proof? Christine Quinn sold the great lie we needed Mike for a 3rd term to help us w/ the economy. Quinn-Bloomberg only helped their pals. Look up Christine Quinn's list of campaign donors. Anyone paying attention to Mike standing by Steve Rattner who payed to play NY State Pensions and than paid not to go to jail or to plead guilty? Rattner was very lucky Cuomo dropped perjury charges.  NYers please get mad about this and CityTime. Stay tuned for CityTime SAIC and Spherion and Rudy-Mike's need to hire SAIC and why? 

Heads-up for those who haven't read my long piece from this AM.  Rudy started it with Maximus and than CityTime using SAIC and Mike took it to a whole other level -- of hand washing and White House aspirations....You have to read my piece but pre-Rudy's ambitions AutoTime worked just fine, could have been expanded and was owned by the City of NY, created by City of New York workers.  I don't  know if Bloomberg was the guy that brokered the deal to sell CityTime on behalf of SAIC to other gov. agencies once it was up so the city of NY would get a kick back or % percentage of the sale as told to me by a little birdie -- but it could have been done selling AutoTime minus SAIC that is a global operation that handles spying, military, media, computer operating systems etc.   

Rudy left the City Hall and made 31 million dollars and Mike wanted to make the White House and bring along all his good friends including the campaign staff we pay 2 million to advise Mike at City Hall-- all about corruption, hand washing, pay to play, kick backs with an eye on The White House in my opinion.  Nice New Yorkers are finally angry-- the snow is melting and there is a lot more to be angry about.

Stay tuned for CityTime and SAIC -- Spherion role and the close to 700 million over rides approved by Mike Bloomberg and gang.

By the way -- CityTime is not handling over time Blizzard 2010 well at all -- I hear....