911 Tech Corruption

Scott Stringer is not qualified to be NYC gov comptroller but thanks to back room deals and fixing and favors he got the job. He removed John Liu's Press Release from May 31, 2012 asking for a criminal investigation in to 911. Cy Vance said there is no need for one. Truth is yes there is and we need yet another new audit of 911 and for years before the first audits we needed a criminal investigation in to 911 and we still do. We also need an audit and investigation in to 311 spending and Board of Election, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, FDNY Wireless, etc.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Justice Cards Exposing Violence Lies Dr Fagelman's Delita Hooks and NYPD

Justice Cards Exposing Violence Lies Dr Fagelman's Delita Hooks and NYPD

I ask People to read my Justice cards and watch the video exposing 
Dr Andrew Fagelman who did not fire Delita Hooks -- I didn't 
have room to mention she got between me and the 
exit and violently gave me the finger.  

I tell you about the NYPD fixing the crime.  

NYPD Stats Like a Las Vegas Casino the fix is in. 

I took a break from handing out cards but start 
agian today to shame all involve
although they seem incapable of shame. 

The card asks for assistance making the video viral. 

I have remade the card and this is the latest version 

I may keep handing these cards out until Delita Hooks
is arrested for assault and false cross complaint. 

I also faxed an enlarged copy to internal
affairs who in my opinion has no pride or
moral compass just like corrupt cops 
because video proves I was violently
assaulted where is the arrest. 

I have proof I was coerced in to dropping
charges by Det John Vergona who also
lied to me about me. 

I am an artist and this is political art
taken to the streets of NYC.  

Sunday, May 26, 2013

CityTime Trial Delay Delay Delay Good For Bloomberg Quinn Allens Returning?

Will the TechnoDyne husband and wife Team Reddy and Padma Allen be joining the CityTime criminal trial in person or maybe just video chat from their luxury hide out in India?


Any arrests of NYC gov officials as Preet had promised?
Jelly Bean and any other SAIC people to be arrested like higher-ups?
Bloomberg, Mark Page and  Christine Quinn who brushed aside 2 investigations in to SAIC have immunity hardee har.....lucky devils!

I don't know but seems like sub-contractors and "tech advisors" like Gartner along with Team Bloomberg, Rose Gill Hearn and Christine Quinn don't have to worry because the Trial of the Century next century delays good for Bloomberg and Quinn even Thompson who could have shut down SAIC crime before Denault was ever hired....

for now Preet Bharara refuses to hold SAIC accountable for their role pre-Gerald Denault even being hired....
<iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ARFIl0hxTGw?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
This youtube almost 10,000 views.....
Richard Valcich from hero to zero to say....

CityTime Crime Preet Won't go back in Time To Giuliani Time
Preet Won't even look at 911 which John Liu dubbed CityTime 2 and in my opinion
bigger crime than CityTime....


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    Dec 4, 2012 – Preet Bharara Blames Sandy for Newest Delay CityTIme Trial? Public record -- a letter from Preet to the Judge asking for a delay YET AGAIN!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2 LGBT Hate Crime Violent Attacks Right After Hate Crime Protest

2 LGBT Hate Crime Violent Attacks Right After Hate Crime Protest

Multiple attacks on gay men in hours after hate-crime protest

Mayor Bloomberg only talks gun violence but I was a victim of a crazy verbal assault by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist Delita Hooks who came out from behind a long receptionist desk and menaced me.  She got between me and the door and violently gave me the finger and provoked me to start filming because this violent abuser clueless even today that she did something very wrong....

Who gives a medical patient the finger getting between the patient and the door and walks away so pleased?  Dr. Andrew Fagelman's special receptionist and it felt like a 100 percent hate.

Delita Hooks joyously ran at me first throwing her shoes at me violently running and punching me as hard as she could in the eye.  Internal Affairs IAB capt. Wright did something brutally similar but to his gal pal a Sgt in Domestic Abuse but I was not Delita Hooks lover but a patient that was holding my bags and iphone with my left arm numb from 2 injections.  I got hate, a verbal attack, lies and violence so severe I could have lost my vision without surgery and now there is scar tissue in my eye.  Det John Vergona also gave me a taste of NYPD bias and hate.

Det John Vergona of the First Precinct also a hateful creep said to me "I don't care if you have 2 black eyes."

Well I outed John Vergona for what he is so he would not dare say that to the victims of this hate crime.  
Vergona won't be abusing victims of violent assaults anytime soon because I reported him to Internal Affairs along with all the NYPD involved in fixing Delita Hooks violent assault of me that left me blind without eye surgery and damage to my cervical spine but no arrest.

The NYPD won't dare try this with the LGBT hate crimes that happened on Houston Street.

ps So many people think mayor Bloomberg is gay by the way.....

Guess who I have a theory about being gay and may even have a gay NYPD sex partner fixing for him?

Bloomberg CitiBank Bike Shares 3rd St make Hell's Angels look Saintly

Bloomberg CitiBank Bike Shares 3rd St make Hell's Angels look Saintly

wrote Chopping the Street 1 mega million at a time -- way before Wall St imploded about a woman who takes over an infamous International Motorcycle Club  making them over in to a financial service firm on wheels --- about how much White Collar Crime costs tax payers and boy was I on the money.  

Beyond me is the illegal NY Law Dorm that broke thru zoning and because of special relations with NYC Gov  was not forced to remove the illegal top part of the building. 

Mike Bloomberg forced out the head of DOITT,  a woman and arranged a soft landing with NY Law!
He had brought her in  because of all the sex related law suits.   
DOITT heads changed more than Henry the 8 changed wives.  
Read my short story... 

Everyone is against the bike racks and Bloomberg has them placed by  illegal
zone busting mega dorms, banks like Credit Suisse  and neighborhoods he continues to have over-run with temporary visitors like tourists and college kids.

The Hell's Angels make CitiBank and Goldman look like saints along with Economakis family down the street who evicted long term residents for their $1 mansion or some creative slimy move that was as wrong as these bike racks. 

Mayor and NYPD dream of catching The Hell's Angels in a crime that would allow them to seize the building and give it to John Sexton the Jon Corzine of NYU.  NYU mega formed the east village to death along with cooper union's illegal real estate dealings.  

It is about higher greed, not higher Ed, ask the presidents of NYU and Cooper Union, mayor Bloomberg, Amanda the People's Burden the worst City Planner commissioner ever, and bank chairs....

FBI not IAB Arrest NYPD detective busted for allegedly cyber crime

FBI not IAB Arrest NYPD detective busted for allegedly cyber crime

NYPD detective busted for allegedly cyber


Gee any NYPD cyber stalked me on behalf of Dr Fagelman Delita Hooks and Det John Vergona -- besides the abuse that went on until I had to deal with patient Jennifer Desmond over 7 months now cyber abuses and they are many stopped including illegal removal of videos.


Internal affairs a fraud and only FBI gets results because IAB fixing????

Look up Eric Sander's lawsuit representing IAB detective a woman.

She says Integrity Unit a place for cases to die.   Mine included?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sheldon Silver Not Charles Hynes Dan Donovan Feel Heat from Vito Lopez Sex Corruption

* With the resignation of Assemblyman Vito Lopez expected today, the scrutiny now shifts to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver who faces mounting criticism for his role in approving a confidential settlement with two of Lopez’s sexual harassment accusers, The New York Times writes: http://nyti.ms/Z7d89k

Sheldon Silver Not Charles Hynes Dan Donovan Feel Heat from Vito Lopez Sex Corruption

Dr. Fagelman Receptionist Delita Hooks Assault NYPD Fixed Video Viral close to 10,000 Views

I know call Delita Hooks the Jodi Arias of medical receptionist desks.  Thanks to in my opinion evil Dr. Andrew Fagelman and the corrupt NYPD involved she got away with murder...almost and I never put down my 2 bags on my left shoulder, my left arm numb from 2 injections in my elbow and in my right hand my phone. She went back to her desk after she verbal berated me getting out from behind a long desk to come after me and than insanely violently assaulting me instead of closing the door and lied and lied.  Her medical report from the assault interesting considering I barely touched her doing the bare minimum to get her off my body and the letter she gave the NYPD very interesting so in my opinion Delita Hooks is a quite a violent liar and has had practice and way too much help with her lies and violence this time around from NYPD so to date she has no idea it was her fault and she did something wrong.  HIP already notified me the want a percentage of the law suit if I sue because of all the medical bills because I had to get eye surgery and I am still getting care as well as my neck care.

Thanks to whom ever pushed to to go viral bring the video close to 10,000 views because of your help I hope Delita Hooks can never abuse another patient, Dr. Fagelman's or any MD's that shared the space.  My MD and her partner vacated because she can't have her patients berated and violently attacked. Thanks for shaming Dr. F and the NYPD involved and your help prevents all of them from getting away w/evil crap again.

I woke up in the middle of the night yet again.....

I blogged a little and went back to sleep.....

I woke up having a very traumatic dream about Dr. Andrew Fagelman yet again.  I have never met him but seen the photo of him and he looks like he has done a lot to his face to try and look younger than he is.

In the dream let's say he caused me even more pain and suffering.

Thanks again to whom ever pushed this video to go viral.

Dr. Fagelman Receptionist Delita Hooks Assault NYPD Fixed Video Viral close to 10,000 Views

If I dropped dead today thanks to whom ever helped to make this YouTube viral.

Delita Hooks, Dr. Fagelman and the NYPD involved thanks to you they hopefully can't get away with it yet again and  so far the Justice system and NYC gov agencies that should have done something haven't.

I call this YouTube Justice.....  YouTubeland an ugly place more often than not with puerile or worse than puerile comments but I am getting YouTube Justice exposing everyone involved although how ironic they know my name and too date I don't have the names of all the liars and corrupt players involved.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg Trouble Wall St for Spying Not NYC Mega Corruption!

Christine Quinn enthusiast Calls Unauthorized Biographer for Directions to Quinn's Office!

Christine Quinn enthusiast Calls Unauthorized Biographer for Directions to Quinn's Office!

Apparently the caller found Louis Flores via this blog which cannot be confused as a pro Quinn for mayor website.


Apparently someone from the French Institute must be a little confused like Christine Quinn was paying her rent -- remember Quinn was sued for not paying her back rent 4 TIMES and wants to be in charge of one of the largest or largest economies for a City in the USA.

Maybe a Quinn volunteer just being humorous....


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Barry Bohrer Drops a CityTime Bomb on US Attorney, SAIC and Mayor Bloomberg


Hey thank SAIC the no. 1 criminals CityTime Crime  for Barry Bohrer's excellent work --you see SAIC is paying Bohrer's legal bills because Gerard Denault sued SAIC and won!

SAIC has to pay Denault's  legal bills.

I was the only one to report exclusively Denault won -- it was on Valentine's Day -- I dubbed it the Valentine's Massacre for SAIC (one media outlet might have picked it up from me sending out me email blasts but as usual I was not credited.  That happens a lot. )


Let's hope SAIC loses motion to dismiss the SAIC shareholder's law suits as well.

A brilliant move by Barry Bohrer bad news for Mike Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg and Christine Quinn as well as Rose Gill Hearn and Preet Bharara.

Great news for The People of New York City who deserve way more tax payer money back and to know the truth.

There should have been resignations and arrests and so far none.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

NYPD Corruption YouTube Dr. Fagelman' employee Assaulting me and Audio inside 01 Precinct

NYPD Corruption YouTube Dr. Fagelman' employee Assaulting me and Audio inside 01 Precinct


Listen to NYPD PO Migori -- Her conversation with me would be hilarious if it was not tragic and Sgt. Chen refusing to come down the stairs First Precinct to face me.

Every corrupt NYPD Detective involved has never EVER met me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mayor Bloomberg Allows Trump and NY Law to Illegally Bust Thru Zoning No Fines but 60 Grand for Mid-Town Store selling miniature gun lighter

Mayor Bloomberg Allows Trump and NY Law to Illegally Bust Thru Zoning No Fines but 60 Grand for Mid-Town Store selling miniature gun lighter


Bloomberg and mini-me dismissed mega bucks over a billion dollars of abuses developers, corrupt landlords, etc Dept of Building fines and Environmental is what I hear uber corrupt....

I was violently assaulted by Dr Andrew Fagelman's receptionist office manager Delita Hooks and almost lost my vision in my eye -- have video, photos before and after and medical reports from medical experts eye and neck..... no arrest and I had to have Ron Kuby deal with corrupt Det John Vergona of the First Precinct Det Squad who was going to arrest me with a hole in my retina and my neck in a brace because I refused to drop charges and instead of going to the DA with Delita Hooks false cross complaint Det Vergona used to it emotionally pistol whip me over the phone because the coward wouldn't meet me to interview me and see the damage to my eye and defensive wounds to my arm.

The corrupt detectives that got Delita Hooks false cross complaint never even contacted me.

http://youtu.be/dh9TedhfthE  Proof of assault -- the very beginning and that Delita Hooks cross complaint false and yet she has not been fired but paid for her time assaulting me and she has not been arrested and it is 7 months and IAB taking their sweet time.  Maybe they will arrest her next year and punish the cops with a wrist slap?
Here is audio of me walking in to the 01 Precinct after a 10 minute phone call with Sgt Chen who I have never met who relucantly agrees I have a right to report a false cross complaint.  I am turned away.  You can hear me from inside the precinct call Sgt Chen who is so corrupt to even come to the phone let alone and too cowardly to come downstairs and face me, DI Ed Winski, IAB and CCRB.

Mike says he is anti-gun violence but he is not anti-violence at an MD's office that started with me asking would you consider paper cups instead of styrofoam it is better for the environment.  The violence non-gun staggering and Mike doesn't address it.  Not sexy or he doesn't care?

My point is there are 2 New Yorks and Mike Bloomberg with his mini-me Christine Quinn the most corrupt mayor ever - learn about our 911 Tech system 1 billion dollars over budget and like SAIC, HP was stealing from the get go  and in my opinion they weren't alone.

ps  Does Dr. Fagelman and Delita Hooks have special friends in the NYPD -- Fagelman's speciality Viagra?  How about HGH scripts?  Just wondering out loud?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ABQ Anybody but Quinn New Yorkers New Mantra for Mayoral Race

ABQ Anybody but Quinn New Yorkers New Mantra for Mayoral Race

QUINN IS TOO CORRUPT. It is not just her abandonment of progressive values but her abandonment of reason, principle and the Constitutional Rights of New Yorkers that make Christine Quinn unpalatable to a wide swath of Democratic voters. ABQ For Mayor of NYC in 2013; Anybody But Quinn is how the Democrats can win.