911 Tech Corruption

Scott Stringer is not qualified to be NYC gov comptroller but thanks to back room deals and fixing and favors he got the job. He removed John Liu's Press Release from May 31, 2012 asking for a criminal investigation in to 911. Cy Vance said there is no need for one. Truth is yes there is and we need yet another new audit of 911 and for years before the first audits we needed a criminal investigation in to 911 and we still do. We also need an audit and investigation in to 311 spending and Board of Election, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, FDNY Wireless, etc.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Bloomberg Rewards Culture of Failure w/ Billions Tax Payer $ Rupert Murdoch ACLU The NY Post Censorship

Do you think Mike Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch and editors from The New York Post would like to join me, Norman Siegel and ACLU representatives on National Television to discuss why I was banned from The New York Post for alleged self promotion.   

We can flash my comments up on the screen like referring readers to Aram Roston’s article “Inside the Secret Campaign of Mike Bloomberg” where he reports Bloomberg funneled money to Haggerty two elections in a  row.

We can look at my latest on criticizing The New York Post for not following up on Sally Goldenberg’s piece “Kick Backs” which exposes Gartner’s role in “quality control” of Spherion.  My question why didn’t Gartner go to the US Attorney and reported being extorted rather than go along with the 20 percent fee they were told to pay by Spherion which amounts in my book to extortion.  Being that Gartner charges a steep fee like Spherion consultants they did not care as long as they billed “BigTime” on “CityTime” The Tax Payers Titanic”.

Is this why I was really banned?

Board of Directors -- Partnership for New York City

Associated Partners, LP, K. Rupert Murdoch Chairman & CEO News Corporation. Jeffrey L. Bewkes ... Glenn H. Hutchins Co-CEO Silver Lake, Mary Ann Tighe ...
www.pfnyc.org/bod.html - Cached

I have a series of postings that are worth checking out  

Also note my YouTube account was attacked by Mike Bloomberg’s cyber stalking sock puppet accounts and my channel was removed before the election.
An activist made a wiki page on this censorship and it was attacked by cyber stalking
thugs.  The wiki editor suspended two sock puppet accounts but did remove my page because I was not validated enough by main stream media.  The same media that refused to report
that Mike Bloomberg was booed non-stop with screams of Tammany Hall at the 100
year Anniversary of The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory an indicator that Bloomberg’s third term is mired in corruption like Ed Koch’s and the people of New York are very angry!

That is pretty significant news to not report.  The New York Post, The New York Daily News and The New York Times refused to report Bloomberg being booed and jeered.
This link will be added to the Wiki page that one day will be returned and truly to me personally it is disgusting on Wiki’s part as well.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Mike Bloomberg Haggerty + Bloomberg’s Cyber Stalking Sock Puppet Accounts = Mike Bloomberg can’t keep track of how his money is spent he is just so rich!

Mike Bloomberg funneled money to Haggerty two elections in a row.  Read this article http://www.observer.com/2010/politics/secret-campaign-mayor-mike

My belief is Mike Bloomberg has won philosophy --- win, it is not how you play the game -- just bring me a win.   That is why he stands by Steve Rattner who was busted for “pay to play” NY Pensions, and than he paid to not go to jail and paid to not plead guilty and Mike stands by his man.

Mike has Cy Vance and NYC judges believing that Mike is just so darn rich he can’t be held accountable for how he spends his money and where it goes.  Did you expect Mike to lojack his money or even care where the 150 million dollars went that he spent to steal the election?

The same with the countless sock puppet accounts cyber stalking, harassing which is aggravated harassment and like breaking campaign laws carries jail time oh and stealing people’s identities including Tony Avella’s, than a city council member, now a senator.

I guess it is like Elliot Spitzer -- the powers that be won’t do anything until is serves their purposes and or some very rich powerful people.  

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Breaking News Gary Tilzer True News From Change Blog Returned to Google and The World

Thank you for all you did to get Gary’s blog returned to him!

Christine Quinn City Council's Dirty Secrets + Quinn's Slushgate!




Read the above link and try not to fall out of your chair when you read about the corrupt politicians that are cheating, lying, not paying taxs, rent, fees that would land us in jail! Get out your barf bags because it will make you want to puke!

Link below Sally Goldenberger’s piece on Quinn and staff’s high priced defense attorneys! Can we get an App and having a running ticker on the on going high costs to tax payers thanks to corrupt politicos and their staffs? How approved the same law firm Goldman Sachs uses?



Google Blogger Censors NY Political Blogger Gary Tilzer True News From ChangeTilzer blog removed over night!

Dear Readers:  Write press@google.com immediately and demand they return Gary Tilzer’s powerful and truthful work!   Thank you, Suzannah B. Troy
If you would like to email Gary Tilzer a copy of your letter to GTprinter@aol.com

Dear Norman:

Gary's powerful work  telling the truth about special interest groups and corruption by some of the most powerful rich players on the NY scene  just vanished courtesy of Blogger  Google and we believe his 1st Amendment rights have been violated.

If his blog is not returned by Monday morning would you write a letter like you did for me to Google when my YouTube channel was removed a month and half before the mayoral election.

Press at Google -- Please be confident starting Monday a massive email barrage will hit Google like Bloomberg's Blizzard to 2010.  We will be posting a request all readers write you on the top of our blogger
If this wrong is not righted people will leave Google products like YouTube and Blogger.

Thank you,
Suzannah B. Troy

Gary Tilzer made this YouTube  with Doug Bivano when he was running for NY State Assembly and the YouTube starts in front of John Peter  Zenger’s unmarked grave Trinty Church .  NBC reception/security after consulting with NBC lawyer asked YouTube to remove this YouTube and it was banned.  What you are seeing is the 2nd version minus a few seconds that showed the security guards face.  Zenger Tilzer calls Zenger the Father of Modern Journalism.  Zenger was thrown in jail here in NY for telling the truth that the British Governor’s administration was corrupt  and Gary Zenger just had his blog removed as I had all my YouTubes removed a month and half before the mayoral election for telling the truth.   May 4, 2009 http://www.youtube.com/user/Suzannahartist#p/a/f/1/F3OLAgH1MJg
I said don’t believe the press, Mike Bloomberg may not win the election due to voter anger!
Suzannah B. Troy and Gary Tilzer Banned in the 21st Century for telling the truth.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mike Bloomberg Looks in The Mirror and See Glenn Hutchins, Outsourced NYC Gov by Suzannah B. Troy

Sally Goldenberger NY Post exposed Gartner Indirect Kick Backs (paid to fail quality control) CityTime! Glenn Hutchins Owns Gartner

Sally Goldenberger may not have known she exposed Glen Hitchins when she did this superb piece of reporting most people did not see and Sally won’t get an award for this piece but maybe she should.

Go back and take a look at the original post -- I added some links on Skype etc.

Why oh why was Spherion (hired to do quality control)  allowed to pick who was suppose to quality control them on CityTime?
Why do we need so much quality control?    Why did we, NYC gov cut off Spherion but not Gartner who is involved in “Quality Control” big time NYC?

FYI: Contractors don't have to take an oath like a city employee does --  why are we outsourcing to over paid consultants  -- why not direct hires?

We are closing fire houses, schools, lay-offs but no cuts to “quality control” big time tax payer guzzlers and in my opinion Gartner is one as well as directly implicated in CityTime scandal but mysteriously unscathed.

Read the real reason Christine Quinn told the great lie we needed Mike Bloomberg for a 3rd term to help us with the economy and why real estate developers and techno-magnates want Christine Quinn, Mike’s mini-me/puppet in for a third term.

New Yorkers did Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn help you with the economy?  No they only helped their friends and many are donating to Christine Quinn’s campaign.  http://www.councilpedia.org/index.php?title=Christine_Quinn

FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 2011

Mike Bloomberg Financial Incest Fat Cat Deals CityTime Gartner Kick Backs? or When Mike looks in the mirror he sees Glenn Hutchins

Sally Goldenberger exposed Gartner last year and guess who owns Gartner -- Mike Bloomberg’s good friend Glenn Hutchins,  his company is exposed for indirect kick-backs or paid to fail on CityTime in the article post above that Goldenberger wrote!  Gartner is completely exposed in this article as failing to do their job but they remain in place and deeply so being paid big bucks for their consulting NYC gov as we have massive cuts and lay-offs!!!!!  p.s. How did Gartner even agree to this deal with Spherion?

FYI: Contractors don't have to take an oath like a city employee does --  why are we outsourcing to over paid consultants  -- why not direct hires?
Folks been digging and came upon some thangs.... 

Isn’t it funny how all the people working for dethroned king Mike Bloomberg  including some of his relatives (is Patricia Harris and her family family?)  and personal friends all make 150 - 200k. I guess there is a high price paid for  the ability to cover one's sweet heart deals with Gartner, Avaya and Skype all owned by

Latin on my Art “Principum  Amicitias”

Glenn Hutchins, a fellow grad of Harvard’s MBA , like  our ex-king Mike.  (I say  ex-king because the Blizzard woke people up. Now they have to learn how the tech and real estate slimmy deals have royally screwed us....)

How is it that Gartner is hired for Quality Assurance in nearly every City Agency and paid tens of millions of taxpayer money to monitor things and we end up with results like the  City Time fiasco? Public Records show that these consultants are paid almost $300 an hour to make sure City Agencies are efficient or.... maybe inefficient as I am learning.  Isn't it a bit more than ironic that all ofthis fraud occurs under their watch while the investment firm Silver Lake, who owns a majority of Gartner, and again which is run by Bloomberg’s fellow Harvard MBA friend, racks in the duckets for the failure.  Hutchins also petitioned City Hall for Mike Bloomberg’s  third term in an Open Letter published in the Daily News. I suppose I would be petitioning City Hall  for Bloombuck's third term if all of my companies that I purchased could bilk the City during it and create a big failure that I get paid millions for so long as the failure continues. Why not in this regime? What a joke!!!  Read the link yourselves: http://www.citylimits.org/images_pdfs/pdfs/Open%20Letter%20to%20Mayor%20Bloomberg.pdf

Apparently is seems almost everything NYC gov must be run by the uber over paid Gartner...?

The longer things fail the bigger Gartner gets paid.
Does Gartner run NYC gov.? 

If you got this far and did not click on the link do it --- and scroll down to the bottom to see who signed this open letter!

Please  click on link above and look at the names of people that signed the open letter -- Glenn Hutchins  Steve Rattner (who paid to play, paid to not plead guilty and paid not  to go to jail), Real Estate Developers, Mort Zuckerman etc.  and all wanted Mike for a third term and why -- the letter is a lie about how New York flourishing 

Get out several barf bags before clicking on this damning website....How does Mike look at himself in the mirror?  http://www.muckety.com/Michael-R-Bloomberg/2387.muckety
Does Mike Bloomberg see Glen Hutchins reflection looking back at him when he does look in the mirror?

p.s.  Ellen Stein is Bloomberg’s sister’s best friend and she is one of the heads of DOITT along with Patricia Harris step-son Michael Lebowe and they are paid big bucks as are all Bloomberg cronies.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lady Gaga One Sequin at A Time Documentary I loved it and more by Suzannah B. Troy Gaga Gagaism


Lady Gaga: One Sequin At A Time

I recently converted to Gaga" or "Gagaism" so I loved this hour and 3 minute documentary.

It was worth the rental. I really did not like the techno "stuff" in her music and like someone other than me points out -- we want to hear her voice!

This is a sweet film and I really enjoyed it.

I have 3 Gaga downloads on my Iphone and I am loving them.


This was the first piece I ever wrote about Gaga and the part about her fans in the first paragraph is pure poetry.

I was walking down the street here in NYC and I heard someone yell out, "Hey, Lady Gaga!" and it did look like her.   Who knows...only Lady Gaga knows.   TMZ has a racy video of her body surfacing with fans and their hands moving her like Niagara Falls...the movements rough, rapid and full of life.