911 Tech Corruption

Scott Stringer is not qualified to be NYC gov comptroller but thanks to back room deals and fixing and favors he got the job. He removed John Liu's Press Release from May 31, 2012 asking for a criminal investigation in to 911. Cy Vance said there is no need for one. Truth is yes there is and we need yet another new audit of 911 and for years before the first audits we needed a criminal investigation in to 911 and we still do. We also need an audit and investigation in to 311 spending and Board of Election, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, FDNY Wireless, etc.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Florida Elephant Abuse Nosey aka Tiny The Abused Elephant next Abuse location Formerly Jungle Land Zoo?

Friends of Nosey, AFNN has obtained several photos of the venue Nosey is currently being exhibited at. There seems to be numerous problems with way the event is being handled. Though Nosey did not show up as scheduled on 4/21 and 4/22, her gear was left untouched for at least two days at the site. Here are photos of what was left behind. You will see (1.) sections of fencing that is merely fastened together with baling twine, (2.) sections of rolled picket fence simply leaning against metal fence panels, (3.) Nosey's riding frame left sitting in a puddle of water, (4.) Nosey's saddle blanket left in a heap on her riding platform, (5.) and most worrisome, the entire feebly fenced exhibition is staged approximately 30' from US 192, a busy six lane highway. These photos were possible because there was no one in attendance at the venue at the time. How is this safe for Nosey or for the public? How can Nosey be properly cared for, if her equipment is allowed to sit in standing water or if she can easily walk right through the fencing that is supposed to contain her right onto a busy highway? Call Osceola Sheriff's Department. This is a highway issue not an animal control issue since it involves motorist safety. Nosey's exhibition is too close to the highway to be safe for her or motorists. Osceola Sheriff's Department 407-348-2222
Venue address: Formerly Jungle Land Zoo, 4580 W. Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway (US 192), Kissimmee, FL           Please share!