911 Tech Corruption

Scott Stringer is not qualified to be NYC gov comptroller but thanks to back room deals and fixing and favors he got the job. He removed John Liu's Press Release from May 31, 2012 asking for a criminal investigation in to 911. Cy Vance said there is no need for one. Truth is yes there is and we need yet another new audit of 911 and for years before the first audits we needed a criminal investigation in to 911 and we still do. We also need an audit and investigation in to 311 spending and Board of Election, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, FDNY Wireless, etc.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

"NYPD Hating" - A Documentary about Police Quotas, Corruption, and Bruta...

Adrian Schoolcraft featured throughout this video including his supervisor's voice

tune in.... and his trial begins Sept. 2013...

Hey why did the NYPD fix me being violently assaulted by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist office manager Delita Hooks and IAB is moving slower than a turtle in molasses investigating this violent crime 9 months since I was assaulted and IAB does not seem to care I was coerced in to dropping charges despite this video evidence but we are suppose to spend close to 40 million dollars for the NYPD to have more video survellience for what to ignore videos that prove crimes and NYPD fixing or the DA and NYPD making TARU video disspear like they did the Michael Premo Trial!

Did Dr. Fagelman call 1-800 NYPD PBA IAB fix it or was it my politics or all of the above plus?