911 Tech Corruption

Scott Stringer is not qualified to be NYC gov comptroller but thanks to back room deals and fixing and favors he got the job. He removed John Liu's Press Release from May 31, 2012 asking for a criminal investigation in to 911. Cy Vance said there is no need for one. Truth is yes there is and we need yet another new audit of 911 and for years before the first audits we needed a criminal investigation in to 911 and we still do. We also need an audit and investigation in to 311 spending and Board of Election, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, FDNY Wireless, etc.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lady Gaga Excerpt from Biography NYPost by Suzannah B. Troy

Okay, I still have not download one song...maybe I am waiting for a song she sings with little to no special effects, just her voice but you can tell I enjoy writing about her.  So does The New York Post.  Today the paper has two full pages with photos and an excerpt from a new biography, "Poker Face" do out.  http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/gaga_grab_for_glory_HnM5UCKsU1AE1uPvPj0UAI
and The New York Daily News in "Viral Buzz" talks about Lady Gaga is up for a record 13 video music award nods.

Good luck Lady Gaga.  I have yet to buy a song....If she does a piece that is just her singing with no special effects...something soulful let me know.

I do love that 6th grade boy singing her song Paparazzi -- superb.  Would love to buy a duet of the two of them singing this song.

Lady Gaga dropped out of NYU and that was a good move because I call NYU, the evil empire, the purple reign of terror....NYU mega dormed the East Village to death.  Visit 120 East 12th Street, next door to where I live for 20 years....see the facade of St. Ann's from 120 East 12th Street with the hideous ugly NYU mega dorm....NYU mega dormed the East Village to death, yes indeed,  NYU the evil empire has torn down every historic building, displacing our communities....the only thing mayor Bloomberg, socialite, mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden and John 1.8 million (his salary) Sexton, pres. of NYU have not down is provide NYU trolleys and buses to move us out.  At least they have not sent us to concentration camps but NYU is responsible for the destruction of the Village East and West and other universities and developers have followed NYU's lead.

I went to bed in the East Village and I woke up in a bad xerox of mid-town turning into a bad xerox of Dubai.

Glad to hear Lady Gaga dropped out of NYU.   Good luck at the Video Music Awards...

p.s.  Stuy Town as meant to be affordable housing.  Our City wanted to help soldiers returning from World War 2 to have housing but the city does very little to help people and our vets... NYU now calls Stuy Town their student housing...  Stuy Towny Buy Town Affordable Housing an oxymoron....read my poem and learn about a little conversation I had with Amanda the people's Burden way back when....